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Interview more candidates, in less time, with zero risk.

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Recruit From Home Base

Engage and interview local candidates from the comfort of your home or office with JobFairX.


Our 3-hour online events attract over 250 local career-seekers spanning more than 30 industries — find them in the Lobby.

Filter, sort, and search your way through our corps of eager applicants.


Discover qualified candidates, study their resumes, and invite them to interview all in one place.

Encourage them to apply to one job or several — there are no limits.


After acing your Screener Questions, candidates move on to the interview — that’s when your team gains direct and confidential access to each candidate.

This is your chance to promote company culture, highlight your dedication to vets, and earn their trust.


Prioritize each candidate and rate them by experience, communication, education, and personality.

Use our Candidates Tool to export resumes, contact info, and additional data into the real-world — including any opportunities you may have missed.

We host JobFairX Virtual Job Fairs on our proprietary platform, built from the ground-up to help you hire faster and with more clarity — no shoe-horned 3rd-party tools here.

Access to a desktop or laptop computer with a modern Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) is all you need to meet and hire talented heroes on the JobFairX Virtual Job Fair platform.

Gear Up

Establish a Perimeter

Look virtually, hire locally.

Wherever you’re hiring, there’s a JobFairX Virtual Job Fair ready to supply you with capable applicants.

Browse our event calendar and book an upcoming virtual job fair in your market.