How it Works

With JobFairX private events, we work exclusively with your team to launch effectively designed recruiting events as part of your overall talent acquisition strategy, whether you’re an early stage startup or Fortune 500 company.

1. Contact Us!
Fill out the form below with some basic information for us to contact you!
2. Event Specialist Meeting
Connect on the phone with your event specialist so we can learn more about your hiring process and open positions.
3. Candidate Optimization
Our in house recruiters will screen pre-qualified candidates that fit your ideal profile to ensure quality hires.
4. Show up to your event!
We’ll manage the candidate registration, setup, and support. It's your event, we'll bring the candidates, you make the hires, all within the privacy of your office or local venue.
JobFairX markets in targeted geographies to deliver quality candidates to your event.
All popular search engines
Media partnerships in local markets
Email marketing
Heavy social media promotion
Current and Past Open House Clients
  • “We’ve had such a great experience working with JobFairX and their team. They delivered dozens of incredible candidates in such a short time, we cannot recommend their services more!
  • “After working with dozens of Job Fair companies in the past, we have never seen better results than with JobFairX.”
  • “Such an incredible team to work with, JobFairX went above and beyond to ensure we hired all the candidates we needed!”
  • “We pride ourselves in our diverse team, no other Job Fair company was ever able to deliver quality, diverse candidates like JobFairX.”
Private Events
If interested, contact your JobFairX event organizer or fill out the form below.